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“Garner Outgrow” is a cross-continent collaboration between Garner Associates (UK) and Outgrow Consulting (India) aimed at building credible capabilities to provide “Executive Search” services across the globe in a vastly changing business environment, with a never-like-before need for reliable leaders who bear the wherewithal to successfully navigate large organisations through troubled times that are characterised by randomness and uncertainty.

Garner Associates is led by Andrew Garner, a veteran headhunter who has ruled the roost since 1985. He is the man behind many a change in the boardroom composition across Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and the USA, for large organisations like HSBC and Vodafone. To eulogise the least, he was once the Chairman & CEO for “Boyden Worldwide” and was the driving force behind spreading out its presence across 40 countries. He is passionate about mentoring senior executives and is a board member at Manchester Business School.

Outgrow Consulting is led by Navin Ahuja whose corporate stint of more than 2 decades pans across HSBC, American Express, Coke, DuPont and British Oxygen. His personal network penetrates into the board rooms of large multinational organisations across the globe. Having presided the chair as the Chief Operating Officer at HSBC’s Global Finance Centre, his connections cut across continents at the most senior levels.